Trendspotting: Unlocking EU and UK Trademark Filing Insights

  • Trademark Clearance
Trendspotting: Unlocking EU and UK Trademark Filing Insights

Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A

Hosted by Stephen Stolfi, Chairman of Customer and Industry Advisory, our webinar looks at the Corsearch Trademark Industry Report through an EU and UK-focused lens, exploring top trademark filer rankings across industries and brands and highlighting illuminating trends.

Explore the limitless possibilities with an on-the-fly demo of TrademarkNow, Corsearch’s suite of intuitive and flexible DIY trademark tools. Register below to witness award-winning AI responsible for powering the Report’s findings.

Watch our webinar to discover:

  • EU and UK Top Filer Trends by Product Class / by Industry / by company / by law firm
  • Top brand names trademarked
  • Top goods and services registered across industry sectors 
  • Emerging industry and new product trends
  • TrademarkNow, the fastest tool in the market for trademark research, due diligence, and business development

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