Brand Protection Solutions Stop Counterfeits

Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

Detect and remove counterfeits across all online channels. Safeguard revenue, uphold brand reputation, and protect consumer trust.

Take back control. Stop counterfeits of your brands. 

Broadest visibility of fakes

Find counterfeit products where your consumers are searching, across thousands of platforms globally, with the industry’s broadest coverage.

Swift detection & Removal

Swiftly detect your products, logos and designs to remove counterfeits at scale, using the speed and precision of AI with the decision making of our experts.

Real impact & ROI

Our customers see an average of 30x return on investment with their Brand Protection program with our APIs and experts having direct relations with the platforms themselves.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Eliminate the source of counterfeits. Online and offline. 

Connect the dots

Our network intelligence technology visualizes and prioritizes high value counterfeiters that present the greatest threat to your brand.

Intelligence beyond the surface

Identify the real-world entities behind your brands’ counterfeits through global test purchases and gather intelligence to support offline action.

Take real-world action

Obtain actionable intelligence, with evidence-grade reports to pursue targets for civil litigation and law enforcement referrals.

What our brand protection customers say

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  • Gain visibility of threats to your brand and IP instantly
  • Save hours of manual review time
  • Enforce hundreds of threats in an instant
  • Proactively protect your brand and prove the value to your business

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