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Unparalleled speed

Search trademarks, figurative marks, company names and industrial designs using AI-powered technology to return results within seconds, freeing you to work on what matters most.

Actionable intelligence

AI-powered analysis provides accurate and actionable intelligence from over 1,000 trademark, domain name, company name, pharmaceutical, and industry sources.

Expertise at your fingertips

Leverage our global team’s average 15+ years of industry tenure for seamless trademark support worldwide.

Where expertise meets AI innovation.

We believe in the power of hybrid intelligence.  While our AI learns from our expert trademark teams, we understand the irreplaceable role of IP professionals. Together, we delve into trends and risks, with AI augmenting our collaboration by spotlighting pivotal insights and actions. In the rapidly expanding trademark landscape, ongoing learning is paramount, which is why we have invested in an in-house team of AI experts, ensuring our solutions adapt and evolve. This proactive approach anticipates future challenges before they impact your business. 

Hybrid Intelligence - Corsearch

AI mastery 

Our advanced AI leverages over 1,000 data sources for lightning-fast outcomes, empowering you to expedite go-to-market activities and secure trademark rights 40% faster. This intelligence provides comprehensive coverage, enabling informed decision-making, risk mitigation, and strategic action. 

Corsearch expert analysts

Tailored assistance to meet your needs 

Our expert analysts deliver detailed reports and investigative summaries, empowering you to make informed decisions. Using a powerful search engine, we identify relevant marks globally, including expertise in Latin and non-Latin registers, ensuring comprehensive coverage. 

Robust Support

Industry leading trademark solutions 

As the market leader in trademark solutions, our team tackles trademark challenges across various industries, from conception to comprehensive protection. With a 75% faster turnaround for watch notices than other vendors, we provide robust content and actionable intelligence sourced from over 1,000 trademark, domain name, and industry data. Our commitment to innovation, AI integration, and expert analysts solidifies our position, backed by industry recognition and exceptional client care. 

Searchable trademark databases
Jurisdictions and territories watched for newly registered marks
Searchable global trademark, company name, domain, design and specialty databases
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