Stop Counterfeits on Alibaba

Harness Corsearch’s AI powered solutions to swiftly remove counterfeits from Alibaba at scale. Safeguard revenue, uphold reputation, and protect consumers.

Trust Corsearch to stop counterfeits and protect your revenue

Global visibility of fakes

Find counterfeit products across the Alibaba marketplace, with the industry’s broadest coverage.

AI powers efficiencies

Avoid labor intensive reviews, and trust AI to swiftly detect your products and logos to remove counterfeits at scale.

Demonstrate real impact

Combat counterfeits sustainably and effectively with established enforcement processes for success. Prove the impact with as much as a 13x return on investment.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Global Platform Relations Team

Corsearch’s Global Platform Relations team has developed a strong working relationship with Alibaba. This allows us to expedite the removal of infringements and help establish proactive measures on behalf of brand owners.

Combine AI with industry experience to eliminate counterfeits

Gain full visibility of threats on Alibaba instantly

Ensure you have eyes everywhere, with full coverage of the Alibaba marketplace. Effortlessly explore millions of Alibaba listings daily, while our AI algorithms proactively prioritize significant threats for you.

Cut through the noise and find the fakes fast

Say goodbye to hours of manual review time. Our AI matches keywords, features, images, and logos on both organic and sponsored Alibaba listings to empower swift, automated detection of counterfeits.

Successfully eliminate counterfeits

Say goodbye to laborious cease and desist letters. Rely on our experience, proven processes, and excellent relationship with Alibaba to handle enforcement strategically.

Use our expert analysts to remove high-volumes of B2B counterfeit stock without needing to review listings — reclaim valuable time, and experience instant success.

Prove the impact of protecting your brand

Report instantly and effectively on the revenue your protecting. Dashboards, data exports and embedded business intelligence, enable you to analyze trends, impact, and business opportunities.

$5 trillion in annual revenue protected
12.5 billion references to brands found on Amazon and other platforms captured annually
99% compliance for counterfeit removal on Amazon and other platforms
17.9 million harmful listings removed from Amazon and other platforms in 2022

Who uses our Stop Counterfeits solution?

Brand Protection teams

By proactively identifying fakes at scale, quickly, brand protection teams can act decisively to safeguard brand assets, reputation, and revenue, with a clear financial outcome.

Revenue teams

Counterfeits steal revenue by diverting genuine consumers from authentic products. Our solution reclaims this revenue on behalf of sales and marketing teams, quickly and effortlessly.

Law firms and IP teams

We take the burden of time consuming counterfeits and IP enforcements s, away from Legal teams. With norequirement for time costly reviews, legal teams can trust their IP is being proactively protected online.

What our brand protection customers say

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