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Why choose Corsearch

Work at scale

Corsearch protects thousands of global brands from copyright-theft and piracy. Trust our worldwide presence and advanced monitoring to support you too.

Deliver immediate impact

Our fast, accurate takedown service provides incomparable response times for takedowns on major search engines, keeping search results clean.

Protect your content’s value

Track and remove copyright infringement at the source. Reduce the supply of pirated material and retain the exclusivity of your digital assets.

Increase your visibility

Improve the organic search performance of your protected assets by cleaning search results pages and ensuring that consumers and fans find legitimate content only.

Where we cover

Peer-to-peer streaming services


Search engines

App stores

Paid search & advertising

User generated content platforms

Content Protection: How we do it

Blending advanced technology and expert services, Corsearch offers the smarter way to protect your content and see long-term impact.

How we do it