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The CORSEARCH.COM website, herein identified as the Site, provides access to any Corsearch information service (“Service”). For the purposes of this Agreement, the Service includes access to proprietary and non-proprietary databases and content, access to prepared search reports, use of investigative tools and services, order placement and retrieval services, brand protection services, and additional tools, products and services available on the Site.

A user is defined as any individual, company, law practice or other entity accessing any Service or other information at the Site (“User”). Investigative tools refer to features that permit a User to obtain additional information on specific records through the use of automated tools.

Use of any Service constitutes acceptance of this User Agreement and the Terms and Conditions, unless there is a separate contract in place between Corsearch or its related entities and the User. Use may include, but is not limited to, registration for a username and password, Trademark Services including but not limited to; review of Trademark searches or database Screening, use of any investigative tools available, use of features for ordering or retrieval of searches on the Site, Brand Protection Services, Domain Services, Clearinghouse Services and/or use of any other feature now in existence or hereafter provided. If you do not accept any portion of the User Agreement, you should exit the Site without accessing, downloading, or utilizing any information from it.



All information accessed via the Service is governed by applicable intellectual property law, including copyright.

For all Trademark Services, the data is made available by Corsearch, or by and through its authorized providers, and is deemed the intellectual property of Corsearch or the authorized provider.

For all Brand Protection Services, all Intellectual Property Rights in and to ZERO (except in Client Content), the software, Source Materials and the Enhancements, and to all additions, developments and improvements relating to software, Corsearch Source Materials and Enhancements, shall remain vested in Corsearch and no Intellectual Property Rights are assigned or otherwise transferred to the Customer or a related third party.

Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, data retrieved from the Service via the Site cannot be duplicated, reproduced, distributed, or otherwise disseminated without the express written permission of Corsearch, or as provided for under contract. Under no circumstances can any data retrieved from the Service be resold or repackaged for commercial or non-commercial use. Limited reproduction is allowable within your organization. In addition, for those doing business primary in the practice of law, as an authorized attorney or agent of an attorney, limited reproduction is allowed to clients and other authorized attorneys if reproduction is connected with legal representation associated with reproduced work. However, limited reproduction is not allowed, if the recipient/user is a company, partnership, or entity in the trademark research business, or is employed directly or indirectly by any company in the trademark field. Limited reproduction is also not allowed if the recipient of the reproduction produces any product or service that competes directly with a Corsearch product or service. For purposes of limited reproduction, all output must include an applicable copyright notice for Corsearch and any other copyright notice added to the output by Corsearch or its related entities. Corsearch makes no claim of copyright ownership to any information in the public domain, unless a copyright protected compilation of a third-party provider of which Corsearch is a licensee.

Corsearch expressly prohibits the User from downloading substantial portions of any proprietary or non-proprietary databases provided on the Site, unless as provided in Reports as part of the Services or as otherwise provided under contract. In addition, any robotic or otherwise automated modes of query generation and record retrieval are expressly prohibited on the Site.


Any information retrieved from the Site is not to be construed as a legal opinion as to whether a trademark may be used and/or registered, that any goods or services in which a trademark may be used are lawful, or that legal action should be taken in relation to brand protection. Corsearch is not a law firm and does not issue legal opinion(s). It is the responsibility of the User to obtain necessary legal counsel on any information retrieved from the Site and all Services utilized on the Site.

Corsearch has taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of information presented to the User. Corsearch, and other partners, licensors, or information providers with information available at the Site expressly disclaim the accuracy, non-infringement, comprehensiveness, currency, or suitability of purpose of any of the information retrieved or that its intended or actual use will be in compliance with all applicable laws. In particular, the accuracy of data retrieved from the USPTO or other National Trademark and Patent Offices, data retrieved from the various Secretary of State Offices, data retrieved from any third-party information source, and data retrieved from any ICANN-accredited registrar is disclaimed.

In regard to Trademark searches retrieved from the Site, User understands that trademark searches and the Corsearch reports (“Reports”) are highly subjective and that the User is solely responsible for the review, interpretation of the material, use of the Report and any trademark and further responsible for making the determination if additional legal research or advice is necessary. Any liability related to the content of the search and preparation of a Report is limited to the refund of the fees paid by the User. A Report is confidential and will not be furnished to unauthorized third parties by Corsearch, unless as legally required. A Report should only be used for the purpose of providing material for the User to determine the availability of the mark for which the research is provided.

As related to queries written and records retrieved from any Service, the User is solely responsible for the creation of queries and selection of results. Corsearch is not responsible for any errors in query writing, any misinterpretation of query or field parameters, or in the assessment of returned results.

Corsearch may provide an English translation of goods/services citations in the event that a Trademark or Patent Office or other third party does not do so. Additional fields, such as disclaimers may also be translated. In these cases, Corsearch will identify that the relevant description as translated. Whenever provided, translations should be considered a convenience and Corsearch expressly disclaims the accuracy and comprehensiveness of any translations offered in any records retrieved from the Site. In addition, Corsearch may not provide translations on all records, and does not assume responsibility for missing translations. It is the responsibility of the User to review and verify any translation or lack of translation offered by Corsearch.

The Service may allow User to obtain additional information on referenced records through the use of Investigative tools. Corsearch expressly disclaims the accuracy and comprehensiveness of any data retrieved through these links. Data retrieved from the USPTO, Internet search engines, and Secretary of State Offices is retrieved through third-party providers, and Corsearch is not and cannot be liable for errors, omissions, or currency of the data presented. It is the sole responsibility of the User to determine if the information found, is, in fact, associated with the mark selected. In addition, the failure of the investigative tools to retrieve specific information cannot be construed as proof that the information does not exist or is not retrievable. The User should always take reasonable steps to confirm information retrieved from the Service. Please note that if the User accesses any third-party public website through investigative tools provided by Corsearch to the User for User’s convenience, the User must agree to the third-party’s user or access agreement posted on those sites. It is wholly the responsibility of the User to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions thereof.

The User understands and agrees that they are bound by any additional disclaimer of warranty included with any product or service provided by Corsearch. In particular, the User is bound by any disclaimer included with a report retrieved from the Site.


International search reports with opinion retrieved from the Site or otherwise received, include opinions of independent trademark attorneys that have contracted to be part of an agent network made available by Corsearch. The opinions are subjective in character and only give estimated legal analysis. The User and Client understand, therefore, that the User/Client is solely responsible for additional legal research or legal or other professional advice that may be necessary, as well as review, interpretation, and use of the Opinion. Any liability related to the search preparation and/or content of the report and Opinion is limited to a refund of the fees paid by the User/Client.


Corsearch reserves the right to change the User Agreement for the Site at any time and without prior written notice. Changes to the User Agreement will be posted to the Site and such posting will be considered written notice. By using the Site after any change in the User Agreement is posted, you agree to be bound by the change.


Your right to privacy is a great and important concern to us. At Corsearch we take all reasonable precautions and use technical and procedural safeguards to maintain and help you maintain control over your personal data while fostering the growth of a more interactive environment, in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information about how we use personal data.


In a few areas on our Web site, we ask you to provide information that will enable us to enhance your visit or follow up with you after your visit.

We request information from you when you:

  • Register on the Site.
  • When you submit feedback on our Site.

In each of the instances above, we ask for your name, e-mail address, and other appropriate personal information that would be needed to register for or subscribe to these services or offers. We ask that you update this information and your marketing preferences regularly or when needed, so we can honor your marketing requests, consent to be contacted and maintain updated contact information. Browser information from your computer may also be taken when you send in feedback to aid in resolving any technical issues. All cookies are clear and identified within our Privacy Policy and through our cookies information banner.

The information you provide is kept confidential and will be used only to support your customer relationship with Corsearch in compliance with all relevant laws. When you provide your personal information such as name, address, phone number, and company name, Corsearch will not give or sell this information to any outside company for any use.


Corsearch takes technical and administrative steps to protect against unauthorized access and disclosure of individually identifiable information.

Corsearch employees who handle confidential or proprietary information treat it confidentially and may not disclose it to unauthorized third parties. Employees are responsible for the internal security of the information. We do not share your electronic payment information with anyone else and we have technical and procedural safeguards in place to ensure the safety and security of your personal information. Employees who violate the Corsearch Privacy policies are subject to a range of performance improvement actions, up to and including termination of employment.

Updated – July 27, 2021.