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Protect against Trademark Infringement

Your brand is your organization’s most valuable asset. Corsearch makes protecting it from potentially infringing trademark registrations easier than ever.

Get timely, targeted results and actionable insights

Turnaround time

Timely watch reports mean that you maximize your window of opportunity to oppose an infringing registration.

Targeted & relevant results

Get watch results that are specifically targeted and relevant to you, saving time on reviewing lengthy watch reports.

Expansive solution range

Choose from the monitoring solutions that best fit your needs from a comprehensive range of options.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Choose from trademark watch solutions that fit every need

Watch in bulk

Powerful and proven AI solutions mean that you can watch your most important brands in bulk and at scale.

Expert assistance

Dive deeper with customisable and expert-supported watching for your most valuable brands or challenging markets.

Actionable insights

Timely, targeted, and relevant watch results that improve your speed from awareness of threats to deciding next steps.

1,100+ Online Databases
Over 8,000 online users
Over 4 million watch notices delivered annually
Average number years of analyst experience

Who uses our Trademark Watching solutions?

Product Teams

Protecting your brands is an organization-wide endeavor in a competitive world, online and offline. Empower product teams to monitor infringing registrations easily.

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are often the most proactive in protecting your brand in the marketplace. Intuitive tools can help them to monitor for infringing registrations too.

Law Firms and IP Teams

Your clients or colleagues need robust monitoring that produces timely and actionable information to help them protect their registrations.

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