Brand Protection Solutions Track & Protect Domain Names

Track & Protect Domain Names

Securing and protecting new domain names is an important step in the creation and maintenance of brand value, especially as the domain world becomes increasingly complex.

Corsearch delivers a broad portfolio of domain name services that support the registration, renewal, and protection of these vital assets.

Trust Corsearch to stop domain infringement and protect your traffic

Mitigate risk

Reduce the opportunities for mishandling domain names, including errors in registration and related processes, failure to comply with the transfer policy, and poor administration of domain names by registrars, resellers, and registrants.

Save time and resources

The proliferation of domain names is making managing them a constantly moving target. Our experienced team is committed to staying on top of infringement trends.

Centralize portfolio management

Managing a large domain name portfolio is an extremely complex, resource-intensive endeavor that is often handled across a mixed ecosystem of IT, marketing, and corporate legal departments. Entrust your domain management to a specialist.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Our Domain Recovery, Management, and Protection solutions

Traffic and Domain Recovery

Corsearch uses highly automated systems and algorithms to identify misspelled domain names that potentially infringe on a brand’s active trademark and divert online users. We recapture lost traffic through recovered typo domain names and redirect traffic back to the trademark holder. 

We also provide anonymous and direct aftermarket acquisitions, backordering, and auction support for the recovery of domain names.

Domain Management

Worldwide domain registration and automatic renewal services for all ccTLDs and new TLDs. Consolidate and manage your entire portfolio one intuitive platform.

Benefit from high-security services that protect your brands and domains, including domain blocking, SSL certificates, and domain name monitoring.

Domain Protection

Our platform empowers brand protectors to swiftly detect domain squatters, identify the most dangerous threats, generate the evidence needed to take action, and use available rights protection mechanisms.

Take down infringing domains with exceptional UDRP, URS, and DRP enforcement rates.

Domain Investigations

Corsearch’s domain investigations empower your brand protection team to aggregate domain ownership information and identify infringers targeting your brands. Traffic data and screenshots help identify and prioritize high-risk infringement.

Our collaborative enforcement platform and evidence tracking features support swift infringement resolution.

Combine innovative technology with the judgement of experts to protect your domain names

Protect the lifecycle of your domain names

Brand owners and legal teams use Corsearch to centralize and strengthen domain name portfolio monitoring and protection. Simplify your domain name management and get a clear view of your portfolio.

Our expert domain team also delivers watching, recovery, and investigative services that strengthen your domain name assets.

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