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Corsearch Calls for Cloudflare To Do More To Protect Consumers & IP Owners

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Corsearch Calls for Cloudflare To Do More To Protect Consumers & IP Owners

New Corsearch research shows that a disproportionate number of websites engaging in online piracy or counterfeiting use Cloudflare’s services[1].

Key findings:

  • 71% of websites which Corsearch notified to Google for search engine demotion used Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) services
  • Nearly half (49%) of all websites flagged for content piracy (e.g. film, TV, music, photography) used Cloudflare
  • A quarter (23.5%) of all websites flagged for offering counterfeited goods used Cloudflare

Our white paper explains the enforcement data Corsearch has concerning Cloudflare and sets out specific actions that Cloudflare could take to help prevent the misuse of its services by IP infringers.

Simon Baggs, President of Brand and Content Protection at Corsearch said: “Cloudflare is a key intermediary that can do a lot more. Its services are fundamental to the operation of many websites that infringe intellectual property. There is no doubt that if Cloudflare followed the example of others and did more to assist rights owners, the online environment for consumers would be substantially improved.”

Download the white paper

Access the full findings, conclusions, and Corsearch’s recommendations.

[1] Corsearch analysed approximately 14,000 website enforcements over a year as part of this research paper. Websites are demoted by Google where they infringe copyright on a large scale.