Content Protection Solutions: How We Do It

Protect your digital content on all online networks and platforms.

Our Content Protection solutions combine innovative technologies with highly trained teams of investigation-focused analysts.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Corsearch operates at scale and delivers impact


listings on search engines reviewed in 2021

91 %

success of removal on illicit sites


domains tracked for blocking


visits a month to 12 sites stopped due to Corsearch referrals

Innovative Content Protection technology and service

End-to-end investigations

From cyberlockers and embedded streaming to BitTorrent Indexes, USENET, IPTV, and pirate applications, Corsearch can find and reduce copyright-infringing content on the platforms impacting your business.

Intelligent automation to identify strategic targets

Our highly accurate, machine learning-driven collation of infringing content is combined with human analysis. This flexible approach to automation results in our ability to identify the largest strategic targets for more impactful, faster takedowns. 

Prioritize platforms to reduce pirate traffic

In addition to removing pirate listings from all networks, we strategically target the highest priority search engines and social media platforms driving the most traffic to pirate sites. By reducing the visibility of pirated content, we optimize the position of legitimate listings. 

Efficient, high-compliance enforcement

We find the best enforcement pathway for each of our customers. Based on your content and project needs, we identify and embed the most efficient routes to compliance in our systems. This means we work fast to get some of the highest compliance rates in the industry.

Meaningful, measurable results

Corsearch Content Protection reports on more than just enforcement stats. With real business and online reporting, you can check keyword health status, search visibility, and search rank metrics that truly impact you. 

Content Protection Solutions fueled by expertise

Operating from key locations including the US, UK, and China, Corsearch’s analyst team pairs legal expertise, fluency in over 35 languages, and decades of combined experience working with global brands. They act as an extension of your team, helping you establish a strategic, long-term approach to Content Protection.

Our analysts are experienced in pursuing all related parties for compliance and can investigate third–party intermediaries who share liability for infringement.

Corsearch expert analysts & investigators

Remove copyright infringements, increase legitimate traffic

We not only find and enforce against copyright infringement through DMCA notices and other strategies, but we also drive your audiences to legitimate content with SEO-informed algorithms.

Our all-encompassing strategies ensure that we can act against the broadest range of pirate content across websites, search engines, and social media — and tackle the network operators behind the infringement.

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