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Stop the Source

Unite data driven intelligence, expert judgement and the power of collaboration to eliminate the source of threats online and offline.

Trust Corsearch to stop the source of threats

Data drives intelligence for visibility

Connect all the elements to show the full threat picture and prioritize high value actors with next generation network intelligence technology.

Collaborate for greatest impact

Unite with over 1.4k likeminded brands to fight a smarter battle against bad actors, for maximum impact and protection.

Achieve real-world action

Take action at the source, by combining expert online and offline intelligence, with the industry’s largest in-house investigation team.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Corsearch unites online and offline intelligence, to stop threats at their source

Connect the dots between omnichannel activities online

Join the dots between surface activities across multiple channels online. Our network intelligence technology visualizes and prioritizes high value actors that present the greatest threat to your brand.

Gain actionable intelligence from beyond the surface

Identify the real-world entity responsible for the prolific harm to your brand online. Trust our team of certified investigators in the US, Europe and China, to investigate beyond the surface, perform global test purchases and gather intelligence to support offline action.

Take real-world action with evidence packs and offline investigations

Obtain actionable intelligence, with evidence-grade reports to pursue targets for civil litigation and law enforcement referrals. Utilize online intelligence to inform targeted offline investigations, using our global partner network.

colleagues in China
infringing scam domains uncovered as part of a large network
in-house investigators in 6 countries
countries covered by Investigative partnership network

Who uses our Stop the Source solution?

Brand Protection teams

By visualizing all activities associated with a bad actor, brand protection teams can prioritize the individuals causing the most harm to their brand and take offline action to eliminate further risk to the safety of their brand and consumers.

Intelligence and Investigation teams

The visibility of online infringement is substantially enhanced for intelligence and investigation teams. By joining the online and offline worlds, investigation teams can more effectively utilize online intelligence for targeted offline investigations.

Legal teams

Legal teams use our actionable intelligence to pursue law enforcement action or civil litigation, to stop prolific actors at their source. Legal teams are no longer seen as cost centers, and instead, become revenue generators.

What our brand protection customers say

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