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Trusted by industry professionals worldwide, our TrademarkNow platform offers reliable and mature AI-powered end-to-end trademark solutions. We simplify trademark navigation, whilst ensuring precision and efficiency in safeguarding distinctiveness.

Corsearch is trusted by 5,000+ customers worldwide

Support at every stage of your trademark journey 


Check the viability of your new brand names and logos online in over 1,000 online screening databases.


Rely on the comprehensive search reports created by our expert researchers to clear your new trademarks worldwide.


Maintain your brand’s uniqueness and protect it globally from abuse online and offline.


Our search solutions offer a more comprehensive view of the trademark landscape. Prepared by our highly trained analysts, we provide full searches nationally, regionally and globally.  

Industrial Design Search is the industry-leading AI image recognition engine that enables IP professionals to swiftly search potential designs for registration based on sophisticated similarity algorithms. 


We’ve harnessed the power of global company name data to search for companies and gain insights into their hierarchy, subsidiaries, and locations. CompanyCheck can be used for common law searches, commercial landscaping, competitive intelligence, and more. 


Tailored to minimize trade-offs of speed, scale, and reach, expert-led and AI-driven watches form Corsearch’s winning combination. Get the best of both AI and human analysts to cut through the noise and find global trademark filings and publications of marks that may be confusingly similar to yours. 

Expert watch 

Expert Watch provides analyst-driven watch results by employing comprehensive and bespoke strategies, resulting in minimal noise and focused, actionable insights delivered. 

Automated watch

Automated Watch provides AI-driven watch results based on user-driven similarity threshold requirements and delivery terms, resulting in minimized risk and expanded portfolio coverage. 

Experience the next-generation of TrademarkNow.

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Empowering distinctiveness with smart technology

Smart protection requires smart technology. Optimize your trademark processes with Corsearch’s innovative AI-driven technology

Automated and visualized screening

Automate your queries to make your screening easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Visualize screening results with TrademarkNow to communicate data geographically and provide an at-a-glance jurisdictional view of any potential trademark conflicts. 

AI-powered image recognition

Our cutting-edge tools are harnessing the power of AI to accelerate decision-making and enhance efficiency. LogoCheckrevolutionizes the way people approach logo searches, leveraging advanced deep learning neural networks to transform the process. Trained with millions of logo image samples, it swiftly finds and analyzes identical and similar logo marks, delivering results in seconds. 

Global trademark intelligence

Search 1,100+ global trademark, company name, domain name, design, and specialty databases. We provide deep dives on registered marks and your competition, including portfolio history, registered classes, and opposition history. Our data is rigorous and trusted by the world’s largest corporate legal departments and law firms for clearing and protecting their trademarks. 

Intuitive platforms and reporting

Review and analyze your results on our intuitive and collaborative platform. Drill easily into your search results by filtering out date ranges, product classes, registries, and mark status. Create customizable, exhaustive reports that go beyond trademark registries and deliver optimal results.