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Why Use Our Self-Service Trademark Tools

Today there are millions of brands in use globally. This growth makes all trademark processes complex and challenging for IP professionals today.   Our intuitive and flexible DIY TrademarkNow tools enable you to fast track your trademark management tasks and get you results faster than ever before.


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Key Benefits


You get the ability to search your candidates against a wide variety of key sources simultaneously and save valuable research time.


View preliminary results with your cross-functional teams, identify promising candidates, boost productivity, and make fast decisions.


Our TrademarkNow tools are  powered by our award-winning AI, helping you to eliminate candidates that are likely to face legal hurdles quickly .  


Access and store all your reports on our TrademarkNow Platform, with the option to share your reports with other stakeholders straight from your inbox.


Our trademark data is global, rigorous, and trusted by many of the world’s biggest corporate legal departments and law firms for screening, clearing, and protecting their trademarks.


The platform is accessible, intuitive, and easy to use, allowing users to simply navigate through the different search types and see their results displayed in a clear, coherent manner.

Fully Supported Self-Service Tools

Once onboard, our highly trained Customer Success team will work with you to understand your requirements and then support you. Our TrademarkNow Platform also gives you an ecosystem to collaborate, review, and customize reports to suit your needs.

This combination of flexible self-service tools with accurate, relevant data has made Corsearch a trusted partner for thousands of brands and IP practitioners all over the world.

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Our suite of TrademarkNow tools complement our extensive range of trademark solutions and services. We cater for all national and international projects with our full legal and regulatory screening tools: Screening and POCA Online, CORSEARCH Pharma-Check — as well as our expert-led Search and Watch solutions.

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