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Trademark Clearance for Registration

Full clearance tools provide a complete check on the viability of your new brand in preparation for registration.

Use proven AI tools & industry expertise to support your new brand development

Combine AI & expertise

Corsearch offers both proven AI and seasoned industry expertise that are designed for use separately or together.

Clear at scale

Handle multiple branding projects or large volumes of potential candidates with ease.

Boost efficiency

Build efficiency into every stage of your branding projects with a range of tools to support your needs.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Trademark Clearance for Registration

Who uses our Trademark Clearance solutions?

Product Teams

Build robust clearance processes into the earliest possible stage of your product and brand development with easy and intuitive tools to create viable candidate names.

Marketing Teams

Leverage the most from the creative energy of your marketing teams by allowing them to invest in developing viable candidates right from the start of their project.

Law Firms and IP Teams

The choice between proven AI and industry expertise or the combination of both gives your clients and colleagues the very best options and support at every stage of their brand development project.

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