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Trademark Industry Report 2023

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Trademark Industry Report 2023

New research provides an eagerly anticipated update to the Corsearch Trademark Industry Report, last published in 2017. The report shows that global filing activity remains strong across regions, indicating continuing investment in both innovation and the protection of registrations. Filing patterns remained mostly consistent over the past two years, and the companies featured in the top 50 remained largely the same.

The report provides a benchmark for law firms to ensure their clients are keeping pace with competitors. In the corporate world, trademark data and industry trends can reveal much about competitive filings and sectoral performance. The report can inform IP strategies, and help identify unexplored revenue opportunities. It can also provide early warning that your competitors are expanding into new markets.

The report also reveals key trends. Two that have emerged from this 2023 edition are that:

  1. applications in China have been declining, while overall filings across many industries have remained stable; and
  2. several industries also show a pattern of narrowing the gaps between the top five filers, in terms of the volume of filing activity over the past five years.

Download the report for an overview of trademark filings by product class, industry, jurisdiction, and originating country, as well as deep dives into 11 industry groupings.

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