Trademark Solutions: How We Do It

Harness advanced technology and expert services to see accurate and detailed data, fast. Our AI-enabled Trademark Solutions are fueled by decades of investment and proprietary third level research, in-house development, and client feedback.

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Automated and visualized screening

Automate your queries with Vantage to make your screening easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Then, visualize screening results with Trademark GeoMapping to communicate clearance data geographically and provide an at-a-glance jurisdictional view of any potential trademark conflicts.

AI-powered image recognition

Based on a deep learning neural network trained with millions of logo image samples, Corsearch LogoCheck™ finds and analyzes identical and similar logo marks and delivers similarity-ordered results in seconds to fast-track your logo search processes. Our image-to-image similarity AI provides you with far more relevant and precise results than traditional searching by image codes.

Access to global databases

Search 1,000 global trademark, company name, domain, design, and specialty databases. We provide deep dives on registered marks and your competition, including portfolio history, registered classes, and opposition history. Our data is rigorous and trusted by the world’s biggest corporate legal departments and law firms for clearing and protecting their trademarks.

Intuitive platforms and reporting

Review and analyze your results on our intuitive and collaborative platform. Drill easily into your search results by filtering out date ranges, product classes, registries, and mark status. Create customizable, exhaustive reports that go beyond trademark registries and deliver optimal results.

Solutions fueled by expertise

Our highly trained analysts provide detailed and reliable reports that assist you in building your awareness of the landscape for your proposed marks. They deliver in-depth investigative summaries that support you to make well-informed decisions or build cases.

Our analysts work with a powerful search engine to find all relevant marks related to your query. Clients also benefit from our expertise in Latin and non-Latin registers to receive a comprehensive global view.

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