Beyond the Pixels: Empowering Image Recognition with AI

  • Brand Protection
Beyond the Pixels: Empowering Image Recognition with AI

Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A

Our upcoming webinar hosted by Parvez Siddiqui (Global Director of Training, Customer Success, Corsearch) and Svetlana Ilnitskaya (Director of Solution Strategy, IP & Brand Protection, Corsearch) explores common problems for rightsholders such as counterfeit imagery, copyright infringement, and lookalikes, and how image technology can be harnessed to detect these issues. With examples from real brands across various industries, you’ll discover how image technology can optimize and fortify your work. Be at the forefront of brand protection by uncovering the limitless potential of AI and the future of this emerging tech.

The webinar will help you discover how:

  • Advanced technology creates solutions for common problems
  • ML driven Logo detection and OCR analysis can protect your digital footprint and brand reputation
  • Specialists use image matching for efficient enforcement, illustrated with real brand examples
  • AI similarity can highlight commonalities in product designs and target lookalike products
  • The power of AI and the future of image technology can safeguard your IP

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