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Three Strikes: Revisited

  • Brand Protection

How can action against repeat infringers reduce counterfeiting online?

Our new Three Strikes: Revisited paper looks again at repeat infringers repeat infringers causing harm to consumers and brands on marketplaces and social media platforms, first examined in our 2020 white paper Three Strikes and Out1.

With legislation designed to tackle repeat infringement and other misuse of e-commerce platforms now enacted in key markets, we have looked at enforcement data from 2022 to understand:

  • the extent to which certain sellers are repeatedly identified for enforcements;
  • how many of these repeat infringers there are; and
  • how much of the counterfeit problem they cause.

By analyzing 2.8 million non-genuine listings notified by Corsearch and removed from online platforms in 2022, we found that the proportion of sellers who most aggressively and repeatedly infringe rights and harm consumers typically comprises around 4% of sellers enforced, but that those same sellers are responsible, on average, for over 20% of the illicit activity detected and notified on the e-commerce platforms considered in the study.

Download the report to understand why more must be done and why collaboration is critical.

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1 Three Strikes and Out