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The Three Key Components of a Successful Brand Protection Program

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The Three Key Components of a Successful Brand Protection Program

Harnessing Hybrid Intelligence to Stop Threats to Your Brands

As threats continue to evolve, your brand will likely be targeted on multiple fronts; marketplaces, social media, websites, and search engines are just some of the channels that are exploited by counterfeiters, impersonators, and grey market sellers.

Yet, it is often difficult to gain full visibility of these threats, hampering your chances of containing them. All the while, they will serve to erode your meticulously built brand reputation and divert precious online revenue. That’s why it’s critical to gain a greater understanding of the threat landscape – and the AI-fueled capabilities needed to uncover, prioritize, and remove infringements at scale.

Dive deeper and understand where your brand’s reputation is most at risk with this eBook. Use it to navigate through the complexity of Brand Protection threats, solutions, and the three components that are essential to a successful program.

What you’ll learn:

  • The key threats and the double-edged sword of AI
  • The importance of hybrid intelligence
  • The three key components: Breadth, Speed & Impact
  • How to harness a People, Tech & Process framework
  • How to formulate your Brand Protection program.

Don’t let impersonation and fakes undercut your marketing efforts and investments. Whether this is your first introduction to the world of Brand Protection or you’re interested in re-evaluating your options, this eBook equips you with the practical insights needed to protect consumer trust and deliver tangible ROI.

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