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How Merchant & Gould Navigates Trademark Law with Confidence and Precision 

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How Merchant & Gould Navigates Trademark Law with Confidence and Precision 

Andy S. Ehard, a trailblazer in trademark law with over two decades of experience, has been instrumental in shaping the trademark landscape for numerous clients. As a partner at Merchant & Gould, Andy’s expertise lies in providing comprehensive trademark solutions, with a keen focus on mid-sized companies navigating complex international markets.  

Reflecting on his career trajectory, Andy shares, “Trademark law has been my passion since the very beginning. From my early days at the Trademark Office to becoming a part of the founding team at NameProtect, trademarks have always been at the heart of my legal journey.” His dedication to the field led him to join Merchant & Gould in 2004, where he has since dedicated himself to helping clients safeguard their intellectual property rights, particularly in the realm of trademarks. 

Central to this success is the strategic partnership with Corsearch, whose trademark solutions have supported Merchant & Gould in protecting their clients’ brands on an international scale. 

Comprehensive searches are paramount for protecting trademarks 

In today’s global marketplace, protecting trademarks requires a comprehensive approach. This is a common challenge faced by many in the industry — the need for thorough trademark searches amidst the complexities of international markets. For Merchant & Gould, having clients operating in diverse regions means the stakes are high, and therefore, it’s essential to mitigate risks and ensure legal compliance across borders.  

One of the primary challenges Andy faces is ensuring clients understand the critical importance of conducting thorough common law searches. Many underestimate the potential risks posed by third-party usage, relying on superficial Google searches instead. Recognizing the limitations of such approaches, Andy advocates for comprehensive searches provided by Corsearch, which offer unparalleled depth and efficiency. 

Andy explains, “One of the biggest hurdles is ensuring clients grasp the significance of thorough searches. Thorough trademark searches are paramount, and relying solely on Google poses significant limitations, since Google results often lack organization and depth, which can lead to missed risks. With Corsearch, we can use fixed databases, meaning there’s a more broad and reliable scope of ensuring trademarks are thoroughly vetted across international boundaries.” 

Remarkable results across various stages of trademark management 

Merchant & Gould’s partnership with Corsearch is driven by the quality and consistency of its services. Corsearch’s solutions are tailored to Andy’s preferences, delivering precisely curated reports that streamline his workflow. The global database empowers the firm to tackle international trademark challenges with confidence, enabling them to support clients in the food & beverage and automotive industries in up to 100 other countries. 

From initial screening searches to comprehensive investigations and enforcement efforts, Andy receives invaluable insights that inform strategic decision-making. Notably, Corsearch’s data-driven approach facilitates efficient due diligence and strengthens Merchant & Gould’s enforcement initiatives, safeguarding their clients’ interests worldwide. 

Andy says, “Corsearch solutions enable us to make appropriate decisions on availability and give us the broadest reach possible for that analysis. The services are not just for searching, clearance and prosecution. They are equally as important from an enforcement perspective, because we can get evidence of what others are doing, and that’s a huge, huge element of enforcement work. If the mark is weak, and we can prove that it’s weak or that it’s descriptive or generic or whatever the case might be to push off some of these third-party enforcement efforts, that data comes from Corsearch. 

So, it’s important to understand that we don’t just jump into the Corsearch services when we’ve got a bunch of new names that clients want to roll out. We utilize the service just as often when we’re enforcing the mark and when we’re defending our right to use a mark.” 

Merchant & Gould’s usage of Corsearch’s Trademark solutions is up by a remarkable 46% from the preceding six months, underscoring the integral role Corsearch has in Andy’s daily workflow. This significant uptick in utilization demonstrates not only the reliability and effectiveness of Corsearch solutions but also the efficiency. While Andy is a regular user of the platforms, he is not wasting unnecessary time on the solutions because he can quickly and easily get the information he requires, leaving him with more time to address complex matters. 

Andy continues, “Corsearch is a data-driven business. There’s just no confusion. Where possible, I try to use technology to help because chasing around hundreds of marketplaces globally is difficult to manage without technology. And Corsearch have developed the technology that allows us to do it. You help us uncover infringements in real world problems that we otherwise may not have found.” 

A partner rather than just a vendor 

For Andy, Corsearch is more than just a vendor; it’s a trusted partner. The personalized support enhances Merchant & Gould’s ability to deliver exceptional service.  

Andy highlights the unparalleled support he receives, stating, “I view corsearch as partners. If I didn’t have the services that you provide to us, I wouldn’t have had the success that I’ve had in this business. You’ve given me a tool that I utilize, and I view us as partners more so than a vendor vendee type of a relationship. I’m big on personal relationships so I love the fact that I can pick up a phone and speak with Craig or whoever is on the customer service team. I feel like when the pressure hits us, you guys are always there to support us. What more could you ask for in a partnership?” 

Andy’s collaboration with Corsearch epitomizes the synergy between legal expertise and cutting-edge trademark solutions. By harnessing Corsearch’s global capabilities, Andy empowers his clients to navigate the complexities of international trademark law with confidence and precision. 

Find out how Corsearch can protect your brand 

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