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Empower your brand with AI-powered name creation and trademark screening. Achieve fast, reliable results with expert support.

Create your new brand quickly with Corsearch’s best-in-class tools

Speed up idea generation

Check the viability of your ideas as they come. Reduce time and resources wasted through the naming process.

Check at scale

Brainstorming can produce volumes of great ideas. Check all your potential candidates at once.

Reduce unnecessary costs

Screening large volumes of potential brands can run up costs very quickly. Intelligent tools help you to manage costs.

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Generate brand names and screen them in bulk and at scale

Generate great names

Coming up with new ideas can be challenging. Our Name Generator can help inspire a fountain of ideas for your new brand in seconds.

Bulk screen your lists

Screen large lists of ideas at once. Knockout mode effortlessly eliminates the immediate non-starters.

Actionable reporting

Report instantly and effectively on the revenue you’re protecting. Dashboards, data exports and embedded business intelligence, enable you to analyze trends, impact, and business opportunities.

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Who uses our Trademark Screening solutions?

Product Teams

Name generation often starts with the product development teams. Using preliminary clearance tools at the product development stage eliminates non-viable names early in the process.

Marketing Teams

Boost the efficiency of marketing branding projects by screening ideas as quickly as they are generated. Save time and resources by focusing on developing ideas that are viable.

Law Firms and IP Teams

Give your clients or colleagues quick and timely feedback on potential ideas. Provide them with powerful and cost-effective tools to power internal branding processes.

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