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Navigating the Pharma Landscape: Trends, Insights, & Corsearch Solutions

  • Trademark Clearance
Navigating the Pharma Landscape: Trends, Insights, & Corsearch Solutions

EMEA: 11am CEST, Thursday, September 28
Americas: 1pm EDT, Thursday, September 28

Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A

The pharmaceutical industry represents perhaps the most complex area of trademark law. Along with the more usual trademark challenges, there is a host of regulatory issues that can arise and a marketplace packed full of complexities and dangers for pharmaceutical companies and their customers alike. As technology in the space develops, it offers solutions to more longstanding problems as well as for new threats on the horizon.

Our upcoming webinar takes a close look into the nuanced landscape of pharmaceuticals offering multi-faceted insights and targeted, cutting-edge solutions from seasoned professionals.

In Navigating the Pharma Landscape: An In-Depth Exploration of Trends, Insights, and Corsearch Solutions, we will explore:

  • Illegal Online Pharmacies — How to identify them, how they evade detection, and how Corsearch can help you to protect patients;
  • How to gain insights into patterns and trends in pharmaceutical filings worldwide from the TrademarkNow Industry Report 2023;
  • How to utilize existing (Pharma In-Use) and brand new (Pharma Approved for Use) data sources to conduct better analysis on trademark search reports;
  • How to search multiple data sets, apply FDA-compliant POCA scores to global search results, and filter and sort hits to arrive at decisions about pharma candidate names faster;
  • How recent technology advances, particularly in AI, are revolutionizing the pharma trademark industry by enabling stronger querying and analysis capabilities and;
  • An exploration of the extensive pharma-specific solutions offered by Corsearch’s Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Search offering.

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