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How Bad Actors Prepare for The Golden Quarter

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How Bad Actors Prepare for The Golden Quarter

From Singles Day to Cyber Monday: A True 360° Consumer View

October to December is shopping season. In November in particular, the ‘Golden Quarter’ really lifts off with Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday representing the highest grossing shopping events of the year.

You will be well familiar with the billion-dollar headlines associated to these events – as well as the uplift you are seeing from your own brands. But what about the spike in counterfeits and other forms of brand abuse?

Flash sales, campaigns, price promotions – bad actors prepare for the Golden Quarter as keenly as your legitimate operations. In fact, November tops the charts in volume of illicit listing enforcements on online marketplaces.

Get a true 360° consumer view of the Golden Quarter and find out who you’re competing against when it comes to selling your very own brands.