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How Bad Actors Hijack Your Brands & Erode Consumer Trust

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How Bad Actors Hijack Your Brands & Erode Consumer Trust

A Glimpse Into Darkness: A World Where Your Brands Are Run by Bad Actors

Your company spends a great deal of time and effort creating innovative products, building brands, developing consumer trust and market share in return. Brand campaigns, loyalty programs, price promotions. All set out to capitalize on the market opportunity and to take away market share from rivals.

But there is a world of competitors not playing by any rules.

This is a world where illicit organizations hijack your intellectual property, brands, and campaigns – and market to your consumers. Where bad actors promote counterfeits, copycats, and scams – using fake websites, social media, online marketplaces, and any other tools at their disposal.

Read on to see a Glimpse Into Darkness – explore this murky underworld and find out what you can do to safeguard your brand and protect consumer trust.