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Brand Risk Radar: Threat Overview

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Brand Risk Radar: Threat Overview

The brand risk radar. A tangible glimpse into darkness.

Imitators, scammers, counterfeiters – they leverage your killer brand to market to your consumers.

But it’s difficult to get a real view of what is going on. To understand the true scale of infringement to your brand.

Our platform mimics the way your consumers search the web. Like consumers, we’re searching across multiple online channels for your brand and assets, whilst using AI to make sense of the data and prioritize the greatest threats to your brand.

On the back of this analysis, we produce a brand risk radar. It’s a detailed report that outlines infringement across global and local marketplaces, social media, websites, app stores – and more.

For a ‘glimpse into darkness’ – or more specifically a view of the enforcements we action for customers on the back of this visibility – view our Brand Risk Radar: Threat Overview, for three example industries.

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