Lionel Richie Files “Here Comes Da Judge” Trademark Application & Many Others

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Lionel Richie is hoping his catchphrases will get ‘Stuck on You’ . . . maybe ‘All Night Long.’

Singer/songwriter Richie is set to appear on the new season of the TV series ‘American Idol’ as a judge and has recently filed trademark applications for two catchphrases related to his new role. As reported by The Blast, Richie’s company, RichLion Holdings LLC, has recently filed trademark applications in a variety of classes for “Here Comes Da Judge” and “Here Comes Da Judge —Lionel Richie.”

Richie will join country singer Luke Bryan and Katy Perry as judges on the new season of ‘Idol,’ which will debut in 2018.Some of you may remember the phrase “Here Comes the Judge” from the 1960s TV show ‘Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.’ According to Wikipedia, the phrase originates from two 1968 songs, one from Shorty Long and another by Pigmeat Markham, who first introduced the phrase on ‘Laugh-In.’ Afterward, it was repeated on the TV series by both Sammy Davis, Jr. and Flip Wilson.

Richie’s RichLion Holdings has filed a number of trademark applications this year, including one for “Hello is it me you’re looking for?” in June for merchandise in international class 16, including posters, pens, paperweights, and more. Another application for the design image of Richie’s face was filed on October 12 in a variety of international classes, including wall and floor art, bedding and towels, and candles.

And, among the many recent trademark applications filed by the company, it also filed one for the phrase “All Night Long” for . . . wait for it . . . bedding!

Enjoy this 1983 Lionel Richie classic: