Don’t Say Velcro Music Video Warns Against Brand Name Dilution

  • Trademark Clearance

Wow — what an entertaining way to get out a serious message about the generalization of trademarked brand names from a group of attorneys at Velcro, the self-fastener company!

Starting out as a serious-looking “message from the lawyers at The Velcro Company,” the group sings: “. . . everywhere you go you see this scratchy, hairy fastener and you say, ‘Hey, that’s Velcro!’” The group then goes on to warn that if all self-fasteners are referred to as Velcro, “we’re gonna lose that circled ‘R.’” The music video even includes other (intentionally censored) examples of brands that are used generically to describe a product.

Velcro CEO Fraser Cameron told USA Today: “We want people to know there’s a real company behind the brand folks know and love and that there’s a difference between Velcro brand products and others in the marketplace.”

Take 2 minutes to watch this . . . it’ll stick with you!