Corsearch and Incopro Join Forces to Support a Cleaner Internet and a Better Society

Corsearch and Incopro Join Forces to Support a Cleaner Internet and a Better Society

As eCommerce and digital content boom, Corsearch and Incopro will create a global team capable of restoring trust against counterfeiting, brand abuse, and piracy  

LONDON, UK (June, 10 2021) — Corsearch is pleased to announce the acquisition of the online brand protection provider, Incopro, in a deal which further enhances Corsearch’s brand and content protection capabilities. Like Corsearch, Incopro is an agile and innovative company that has pioneered new technologies to meet the increasing challenges of a complex online environment. Incopro’s technology-enabled team protects more than 750 brands from counterfeiting and IP abuse and the combination of the two companies reflects a commitment to further developing and delivering the solutions that brands and IP businesses need. 

The dramatic growth of eCommerce and digital media consumption mean that companies and consumers now rely on the Internet more than ever. Alongside the opportunities presented by global markets, however, come the increasingly common threats of counterfeiting, gray trade, brand abuse, and online piracy. More than ever before, brand protection solutions that use advanced technologies to reduce brand risks and protect consumer welfare are critical.  

From enterprise-level corporations to SMBs, IP owners need a comprehensive brand protection solution built on a global network of technology, data, and expertise. Corsearch is a trusted name for brands in need of innovative, expert support against the loss of revenue and reputational damage caused by IP abuse. Adding the Incopro team to its worldwide network of analysts, developers, and investigators ensures that Corsearch’s effectiveness against brand erosion in every market will be further strengthened.  

Corsearch CEO, Tobi Hartmann, said: “For years now, we have been impressed not just with Incopro’s future-facing technologies and global outlook, but with its commitment to the principle of restoring trust in digital commerce. In the past, Incopro has invited its brand customers to join ‘a bigger gang’ against counterfeiting and IP abuse — well, we are delighted that they have agreed to join the global team at Corsearch as we come together to support a cleaner Internet and a better society.”  

Simon Baggs, CEO of Incopro, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for my management team and staff to join together with the talented team at Corsearch – to work together to deliver the technology and solutions that brand and IP owners need. We are thrilled that we will have an even stronger combined voice. We look forward to working even more closely with Internet platforms and to shouting loudly for the protections that rights owners deserve. I want to thank our customers, staff, and shareholders for their huge support. There is so much more we can do together!”  

About Corsearch: In a complex world, Corsearch makes it easy for brands and legal professionals to manage their intellectual property from clearance to protection. A partner to thousands of businesses globally, Corsearch has a mix of comprehensive technologies, skilled analysts, and a customer-first approach that empowers the effective management of trademarks.  

In addition to trademark screening, searching, and watching services, Corsearch supports rights holders with brand protection solutions that cover everything from anti-counterfeiting to anti-piracy.  

About Incopro: Incopro’s mission is to make the Internet better for businesses and their consumers. The combination of Incopro’s intelligence-led, ML-driven Talisman platform with its global team of expert analysts offers rights holders full visibility of threats to their brand and consumers, and the ability to effectively mitigate those risks at scale. Founded in 2012 by a team including criminal intelligence, technical, and IP expertise the business is headquartered in London with offices in Los Angeles, Boise, Shanghai, and Cardiff. Incopro protects over 750 leading global brands, including Mondelēz International, Reckitt, Unilever, Superdry, and Brother International. 


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