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Principium has provided clients with industry-leading trademark watching services for over 80 years and domain name management services for over 15 years. With Principium joining the Corsearch family, alongside industry heavyweights such as TrademarkNow and Incopro, we now offer a full suite of brand protection and trademark solutions.


watch notices were delivered to clients by Corsearch in 2022


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Worldwide coverage

Save time and resources by investing in an expert partner, not a vendor.

Trademark Watching: Our specialist team is committed to staying on top of infringement trends in domains worldwide.

Domain Services: Our trademark watch analysts harness multilingual knowledge of local jurisdictions to cover you globally.

Reliable data quality

Rely on Corsearch’s data to commercialise and protect your IP.

Trademark Watching: Accurate, complete, and current data ensures relevant, noiseless trademark notices that match your needs.

Domain Services: Keep on top of the release of thousands of new TLDs, multiple registries and registrars, and the constant flow of new domain names and expirations.

In-depth investigations

Linked investigations to proactively defend and enforce your IP.

Trademark Watching: Review your watch results and then conduct fast investigations online the to efficiently prepare for oppositions or litigation.

Domain Services: Aggregate domain ownership information and identify infringers. Use our collaborative enforcement platform and evidence tracking for swift resolution.

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Combining advanced technology and expert service, Corsearch offers the smarter way to track, manage, and protect your trademarks and domains. Request a demo to see our solutions in action.

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Corsearch Screening and Searching Solutions

Our Trademark Watching solutions complement our extensive range of trademark solutions and services. We offer DIY screening tools through the TrademarkNow suites, plus we cater for all national and international projects with our full legal and regulatory screening tools: Screening and POCA Online, CORSEARCH Pharma-Check. For full clearance, we also offer expert-led search solutions.

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