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A Global Opportunity

Popularized in the United States, the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend is now a global phenomenon that incorporates other important shopping events. The week of U.S. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday remains the biggest draw for companies and consumers, but it has also been joined by the world’s largest one-day sale, China’s Singles’ Day event on the 11th of November. In 2009, the Chinese online marketplace Alibaba branded the event through a day of heavily discounted items and its importance has grown exponentially. It has even prompted Alibaba’s rival to start an 11-day shopping festival of its own.

$139 billion

Spent on Alibaba and JD platforms in 24 hours during Singles’ Day 2021.


Spent online during Black Friday in the U.S. in 2021.

+53 %

Proportion of sales made online during peak holiday season in 2020. This was the first time that online shopping sales exceeded physical locations.

6.1 %

Year-over-year projected growth in U.S. consumers’ online spending in 2022 (between November & December).

A Global Threat

Far from being limited to the United States and China, the online nature of holiday sales means they are now ubiquitous, with shoppers from Beijing to Bloemfontein doing much of their pre-Christmas spending in October and November. In the United Kingdom, sales on Black Friday increase by more than 1700% on a typical day, while 91% of Germans also know what Black Friday is.

With so much activity taking place, creating a sales strategy that capitalizes on the season is vitally important. What many businesses neglect, however, is the danger from lost sales and damaged reputations that also now accompanies this period.

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A Global Challenge

Increased sales figures are a cause for celebration, but there is also a dark side undermining this success. Increased eCommerce is preyed upon by counterfeiters and IP infringers, who use the season to increase their own profits at the expense of brands and at great risk to consumers. Figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggest that as much as 3.3% of global trade is lost to counterfeiting and piracy annually. Given the size of 2020’s holiday sales figures for Singles’ Day alone, this means that in excess of $3.3 billion was potentially lost.


Lost annually to piracy


Estimated losses for Singles’ Day 2020

40 %

Of goods purchased online from third-party vendors may be counterfeit

18 %

Increase in infringements noticed by our Analysts in Q4

The Outlook for 2023

With the year’s biggest online shopping events on the horizon, few businesses can afford to sacrifice even more of their profits to the expected increase in counterfeits and other forms of infringement.

Even more than previous years, 2023 may represent the most significant of challenges for rightsholders. High inflation and spiralling energy costs, increased price sensitivity among consumers, and a large surge in online shopping will all play a factor in searches for cheaper goods that may lead to the purchase of counterfeits. The problem will be compounded by the evolution of new online platforms and increasingly sophisticated tactics from serial infringers, many of whom may themselves by driven by the prospect of a prolonged recession. 

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