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Since Entura International was founded in 2010, the company enabled content owners to protect both their intellectual property and online revenue. At Corsearch, we strongly believe that by coming together to fight back against pirates and infringers, legitimate businesses can safeguard jobs and drive growth.


listings on search engines reviewed in 2021


success of removal on illicit sites


domains tracked for blocking


visits a month to 12 sites stopped due to Corsearch referrals

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Peer-to-peer streaming services


Search engines

App stores

Paid search & advertising

User generated content platforms

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Operating from key locations including the US, UK, and China, Corsearch’s analyst team pairs legal expertise, fluency in over 35 languages, and decades of combined experience working with global brands. They act as an extension of your team, helping you establish a strategic, long-term approach to Content Protection.

Our analysts are experienced in pursuing all related parties for compliance and can investigate third–party intermediaries who share liability for infringement.

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