Naming Trends Within a Crowded Trademark Landscape

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Naming Trends Within a Crowded Trademark Landscape

Popular trends in fashion, health, technology, entertainment, and society are often drivers in the words found in trademark registrations.

With increasing name saturation, finding a unique trademark is becoming a more difficult task in many industries – and this is in turn fueling likelihood of confusion. Read on as we explore recent trademark trends and discuss how you can find the ‘perfect’ trademark using AI-assisted and expert-led solutions.

Top 10 words used in new trademarks

Over the past 18 months, there have been close to a quarter million trademarks registered in the United States, and ten words have been found in the new trademarks more often than all other words! While the Oxford English Dictionary estimates that there are around 170,000 words in current use, these ten words provide a window into recent naming trends and their popularity in new products and advertising campaigns.

Trademarks with the words Life, Love, Health, and Care were the most prevalent, which is not surprising considering the U.S. focus on products in the pharmaceutical, health, wellness, and cosmetics sectors. Many of these registrations were from international classes 3, 5, and 10 from some of the top companies in these sectors. Other words such as Group, Solutions, Good, Power, Design, and World are trending up due to popularity in growing emerging sectors such as crypto, AI, Metaverse, NFTs, digital platforms, gaming, pop culture, and our global economy.

The importance of finding the ‘perfect’ trademark

Finding a memorable and lasting trademark is becoming harder and harder because of the crowded trademark landscape. There are currently 3.1 million registered active trademarks in the U.S., while there are over eighty million registered active globally. It can take the USPTO 12-18 months to examine and register a new trademark, so the time and effort required to create and clear a mark for registration and use in commerce can be daunting.

The name space is crowded, and bringing a new name to market has become a difficult endeavor. We have tools and solutions at Corsearch which can help streamline your current process!

Generate new names in seconds with Corsearch

We offer a full suite of solutions to help our clients effectively create, knockout, and clear a proposed mark or logo. One of our newest offerings is Name Generator, which is a tool that aids trademark professionals to collaborate more closely with their customers in marketing. Name Generator is a swift, AI-enabled tool for brands and products powered by TrademarkNow and ChatGPT.