Introducing Corsearch’s New Database: Pharma Approved for Use (PAU)

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Introducing Corsearch’s New Database: Pharma Approved for Use (PAU)

Uncover marketing authorization applications published by official authorities

With the growing complexity of clearing pharmaceutical names – including PTO registers expanding with more marks, and regulatory requirements increasing – finding new names is increasingly challenging for pharma professionals. Demand is high for a solution, and we are proud to have provided the answer with our new database: Pharma Approved for Use (PAU).

PAU content complements the industry-leading pharmaceutical, regulatory, and common law sources found in Corsearch’s existing pharma solutions [1].

Global reach

PAU provides insight into approved and marketed pharmaceutical products, from applications to authorizing agencies or affiliates, in over 75 jurisdictions. It uncovers information about market use at the earliest possible point in the supply chain, in addition to pharmaceutical products currently available to be marketed for sale in each country. It also covers historical products and brands that are no longer sold.

Updated quarterly, PAU data covers pharmaceutical products requiring approval in each country, including OTC products, homeopathic products, vitamins, and supplements. Records include insights into product name, marketing authorization holder, ATC code, marketed history, and application number.

Intelligent solutions with enhanced pharma coverage

Corsearch PAU Database

Essential for anyone involved with trademarks in the pharma industry, the PAU database is available across the full suite of Corsearch pharma trademark products customers may already be familiar with, including:

  • Global Platform Screening
  • POCA Search Online
  • PharmaCheck
  • Search Reports
  • TrademarkNow

Talk to an expert

PAU is available as a free addition to many packages, as an additional database priced in line with existing subscriptions, or as a pay-as-you-go solution. To find out more, or to book a demonstration, simply speak to one of our experts.


[1] Data supplied to Corsearch by pharma intelligence specialist Ozmosi.