Counter Trademark Infringement with CompanyCheck

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Counter Trademark Infringement with CompanyCheck

The transformational new module for TrademarkNow

It’s not uncommon for trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuits to involve brand imitation – a phenomenon in which the infringer registers another person’s trademark as its own business name, and uses it to mislead or confuse consumers. CompanyCheck counters this, by drawing on market-leading company name intelligence to quickly reveal insights into company hierarchy, subsidiaries, locations, and trademarks.

As the latest feature of our TrademarkNow solution, CompanyCheck offers a sophisticated tool for common law searches, commercial landscaping, and competitive intelligence. The ability to quickly see how a given family of companies are related (e.g., parent, subsidiaries, affiliates) is a must-have addition to any trademark professional’s tech-stack.


CompanyCheck boasts a range of useful features within a user-friendly interface:

  • single-click entry from company name data into associated trademark portfolio;
  • company name and trademark content analyzed in a single search; and
  • analytics and maps profile the industry and company landscape.

Search overview


  • Global company data, including company hierarchy
  • Partial linkage to TM data/owners

Search and filter

  • Company name
  • City
  • Country/region
  • Industry
  • Year founded

Advanced sorting and analysis

  • Company hierarchy visualization
  • Interactive map view and clustering


  • Excel format

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