Corsearch Announces Acquisition of Marketly

Corsearch Announces Acquisition of Marketly

NEW YORK, October 19, 2020 — Corsearch enhances its market-leading brand protection solution through the acquisition of the anti-piracy innovator, Marketly. The acquisition will support businesses with a total brand protection solution that protects brands, reputation, and content.

Corsearch, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the prominent provider of anti-piracy services, Marketly. The acquisition strengthens Corsearch’s brand protection offering through the addition of the team trusted by leading media companies to safeguard their online content against piracy.

The distribution of copyrighted material has been revolutionized by the Internet. Video streaming services have more than 600 million paid subscribers worldwide. The music, publishing, and gaming sectors have all moved their content online too. While these industries generate billions in economic benefits, they are continually undermined by digital piracy, which reduces consumer willingness to pay for products.

Corsearch’s acquisition of Marketly will provide copyright owners with a highly effective solution to reduce piracy alongside Corsearch’s existing brand protection services. Combining anti-piracy with Corsearch’s global data sets will allow businesses to centralize and streamline their brand protection operations and efficiently pinpoint high-profile infringer networks.

Corsearch CEO, Tobias Hartmann, said: “Marketly is a natural choice for Corsearch because its cutting-edge technologies and best-in-market results enhance our existing brand protection strengths. Adding anti-piracy to our suite of services means Corsearch will offer a truly integrated umbrella solution. It’s our mission to support customers through total brand protection.”

Marketly founder Pulin Thakkar said: “Corsearch is an ideal partner to expand how Marketly serves its customers. My team and I are honored to lead Corsearch’s anti-piracy offering with innovative technology solutions that deliver measurable impact for content creators and their businesses.”

About Corsearch:

In a complex world, Corsearch makes it easy for brands and legal professionals to manage their intellectual property from clearance to protection. A partner to thousands of businesses globally, Corsearch has a mix of comprehensive technologies, skilled analysts, and a customer-first approach that empowers the effective management of trademarks.

In addition to trademark screening, searching, and watching services, Corsearch supports rights holders with brand protection solutions that cover everything from anti-counterfeiting to gray trade monitoring.

About Marketly:

Born in the fertile tech ecosystem of Silicon Valley, Marketly is an anti-piracy company driven by a culture of innovation. Frustrated by the lack of solutions to the multi-billion dollar problem of piracy, Marketly’s leadership team of innovators brought together experts in machine learning, AI, and anti-piracy to build one. This expertise and desire for cutting-edge technology has grown Marketly into a global organization dedicated to protecting assets and fighting online piracy.


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