Corsearch Product Specific Terms – Online Brand Protection 

These Product Specific Terms apply to Brand Protection Services provided by Corsearch to the Customer in addition to the other terms contained in the relevant Order Form.  

1. Definitions

The following words and expressions have the following meanings in these Product Specific Terms and any capitalised terms used but not defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Agreement: 

Brand Protection Services” means services offered to detect, monitor, or enforce against infringements of Customer’s intellectual property and other brand related rights.  

Power of Authority” means documented authorization by Customer to Corsearch giving Corsearch the authority to act on its behalf in relation to any Services listed herein or provided in an Order Form. 

2. Authorization

Customer acknowledges that Corsearch acts pursuant to the Power of Authority in the delivery of the Brand Protection Services provided under the Agreement. If required Customer will provide the necessary Power of Authority during the onboarding process. Customer must ensure the Power of Authority is provided by the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights covered by the Order Form and Corsearch is not responsible for third party claims resulting from or related to the instructed actions or Services provided.  

3. Onboarding Process 

Customer acknowledges that the provision of the following documents and information is necessary for Corsearch to begin providing the Brand Protection Services: 

3.1 a signed Power / Letter of Authority; 

3.2 list of brand(s) in scope;

3.3 list of User(s) as defined in the Corsearch Master Service Agreement; and 

3.4 any information and/or documentation necessary and reasonably requested by Corsearch to delivering the Services. 

(collectively the “Onboarding Materials”) 

In the event of any delay by the Customer to provide Corsearch with the Onboarding Materials, Corsearch will notify the Customer of the impact of the missing Onboarding Materials and the Customer acknowledges that Corsearch’s ability to fully deliver the Brand Protection Services may be impacted. 

4. Additional Services 

Customer may purchase investigative services or request test purchases during the Term. In such an event the Product Specific Terms for investigative services will apply to these services and, where applicable, an additional Order Form will be executed.