Corsearch Product Specific Terms – API

These Product Specific Terms apply to any API provided by Corsearch to the Customer in addition to the other terms contained in the relevant Order Form.

The following words and expressions have the following meanings in these Product Specific Terms and any capitalised terms used but not defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Agreement: 

API” means a bespoke application programming interface. 

Third Party API Charge” means any usage-based charges imposed by the relevant hosting provider based on factors including, but not limited to, the monthly volume of stored data or the frequency of Customer’s access to the API. 

2. API 

Customer may elect, where confirmed by Corsearch as possible for the applicable Corsearch Platform(s), access via an API for the purposes of integrating data into Customer’s own systems or performing ad-hoc analysis, Corsearch shall facilitate such API access either directly or via a third party cloud data/analytics service provider depending on the API provided.  

3. Fees

The Parties agree that Corsearch shall recharge the Third Party API Charges to Customer at cost price and that the Third Party API Charges shall be borne solely by Customer.  In the event that Customer elects to contract with and be invoiced for the Third Party API Charges by the hosting provider directly, Corsearch shall endeavour to facilitate such direct contractual arrangement between Customer and Corsearch’s hosting provider.