Corsearch Product Specific Terms – Investigative Services

These Product Specific Terms apply to Investigative Services provided by Corsearch to the Customer in addition to the other terms contained in the relevant Order Form.  

1. Definitions

The following words and expressions have the following meanings in these Product Specific Terms and any capitalised terms used but not defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Agreement: 

Investigative Services” are stand-alone or supplementary services, accessible within the Corsearch Platform(s) or through the Corsearch intelligence, and/or operations departments.   

Power of Authority” means the documented authorization by Customer to Corsearch giving Corsearch the authority to act on its behalf in relation to any Services listed herein or provided in an Order Form.  

“Test Purchases” refers to the purchase of products or services suspected of infringing the Customer’s rights with the aim to collect information and/or verify the infringement. 

2. Investigative Services 

Customer acknowledges that in some instances Corsearch may be required to act pursuant to a separate Power of Authority in the delivery of the Investigative Services provided under the Agreement. 

Where not ordered under the Order Form, Customer may request that Corsearch provide Investigative Services during the Term and the parties agree that any such Investigative Services will require an additional Order Form to be executed. Corsearch will not be obligated to conduct any Investigative Services that would be a breach of law or regulation. The Customer is aware of the inherent risks involved in conducting Investigative Services, including the possibility of raising awareness to investigation subjects, and understands that Corsearch has no liability in relation to the same other than in respect of fraud or willful misconduct. Customer acknowledges that Corsearch cannot provide any guarantee of success in relation to Investigative Services. 

3. Test Purchases 

Customer may request that Corsearch assist with Test Purchases during the Term. Where not ordered under the Order Form, Test Purchase services may be provided pursuant to email confirmation from the Customer or by way of a separate Order Form at Corsearch’s discretion. Corsearch will obtain prior written approval, via email, before completing a Test Purchase. In relation to Test Purchases any pre-approved expenses incurred will be invoiced, upon order of the Test Purchase, to the Customer at cost with an added Corsearch administrative fee.  

Any Test Purchases completed will be the property of the Customer. Unless advised otherwise Customer acknowledges and agrees that such Test Purchases are only required to be kept for a period one (1) year from the date of delivery, following which they will be disposed of at Corsearch’s discretion. At any time prior to disposal Customer may, at it’s own expense and risk, arrange delivery of the Test Purchases to Customers preferred location. The parties agree that Corsearch has no liability with respect to the non-delivery or disposal of the Test Purchases.