Navigating NFTs and Their Emerging Issues

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Navigating NFTs and Their Emerging Issues

An NFT — non-fungible token, or ‘nifty’ — is a unique token which has been created in relation to a specific digital asset, like an image, music track or video clip. When linked to a wallet with crypto-currency and stored on a blockchain where it can be validated, the NFT is minted, its provenance updated and tracked as it passes from owner to owner. With more than $2bn spent in the first quarter of 2021, the market for NFTs projects strong growth ahead. As brands take part in this exciting new movement and create their own NFTs for sale and collection, they need to be aware of the threats that may directly impact them.

This webinar explores the nuances of this emerging market as well as the threats it poses to rights holders and brands such as counterfeit NFTs, impersonation of their makers, the minting of NFTs that include a copyright work, and how the value of popular NFT content may erode. Corsearch experts tackle these issues and more, empowering brands with the guidance they need to engage in this new and dynamic venture.

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