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How Industrial Design Searches Benefit From AI

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How Industrial Design Searches Benefit From AI

Also known as designs, community designs, and design patents, an industrial design registration provides a scope of protection applied to a product’s ornamental features or appearance.

With consumers being very visually focused, the arguments for using industrial designs as a unique identifier for your company or product are obvious. Common design elements such as logos and visual branding can serve as powerful and commercially successful identifiers.

Registering your industrial design affords much greater protection and more ease in enforcement. But of course, this requires registrability – which means clearance or searching existing industrial design registrations to ensure that yours is sufficiently ‘novel’ and distinctive.

In this eBook, we explore why clearance processes that center on visual elements benefit the most from advanced AI technologies, which improve over time. Read on to learn how the use of AI in industrial design searches promises to be transformational for the industry.

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