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Brand Protection: The 5th P of Marketing

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Brand Protection: The 5th P of Marketing

Over two thirds of consumers believe that brands are responsible for protecting them from fake versions of their products sold online.

At Corsearch, we’ve witnessed the impact on businesses when they lose control over how their brand is experienced online. We’ve seen how issues ranging from poor quality counterfeit products and social media scams, to inappropriate brand associations and expired campaign assets all contribute to an erosion of trust. And we’ve seen how fast bad actors and criminals – using your brand to secure their own financial success – are able to exploit any weakness.

Download this consumer research eBook to learn how to build and protect your brand’s authenticity online.

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Who is this for?

This consumer research ebook is for digital marketers, marketing strategists, and marketing leaders looking to protect digital touchpoints and provide a stand out brand experience for their customers. You’ll learn why preventing digital channels from being hijacked by copycats, impersonators and other bad actors is critical to safeguarding consumer trust.