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Since Incopro began in 2012, the company worked to make the internet a better place for businesses and their consumers. At Corsearch, we strongly believe in this mission. By coming together to fight back against the counterfeiters and infringers, legitimate businesses can turn the tide and protect their organizations and the consumers they serve.

3.8 Billion

Listings analyzed in 2022.


Listings removed in 2022.


Illegitimate sellers disabled in 2022.


Online marketplaces covered.

Innovative technology you can trust

Advanced API and scraping technology

High-speed crawlers enable you to find infringements across millions of online pages: global marketplaces, social media platforms, e-commerce websites, domains, NFT marketplaces, paid search, app stores, and more.

Sophisticated network analysis capability

Connect infringers through online and offline identifiers such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, and feed in your enforcement data such as customs seizures to prioritize high-value targets.

AI-powered image recognition & OCR technology

Centralize all of your marketing and product images within our platform, then apply our industry-leading OCR, logo detection, and image similarity matching technology to analyze infringing images online, fast.

Corsearch operates as a strategic partner, not a vendor

It is more important than ever that teams responsible for brand protection are revenue-generators, not cost-centers.

Our Brand Protection Maturity Model is designed to help businesses progress and deliver additional value. Our experts use this model to help guide your program and elevate your strategy.

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