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Counterfeit and infringing products don’t just undermine brand reputation, goodwill and equity,​ sales revenues and national economies, they also have a negative impact on society and can put many lives at risk. The sale of counterfeit goods is, in some cases, contributing to criminal activity such as terrorism, drug trafficking and money-laundering, and also often involves poor working conditions, child labour and environmental pollution. Help us in the fight against fakes Corsearch specializes in the removal of counterfeits products, and brand and copyright infringement online. If you find fakes or replicas of a brand being sold online, please report it here by filling out the form. Corsearch brand protection experts will investigate and take the necessary measures as quickly as possible to help in the fight against infringement.

The Corsearch story

Corsearch believes that brands have the power to deliver true value. Whether they’re creating life-saving medicines or developing revolutionary new technologies, their innovation is a source of personal and societal improvement that Corsearch is proud to support.

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