The proliferation of domain names is making managing them a constantly moving target.

Opportunities to mishandle domain names include errors in registration and related processes, failure to comply with the transfer policy, and poor administration of domain names by registrars, resellers, and registrants. With the release of thousands of new gTLDs, multiple registries and registrars, and a constant flow of new domain names and expirations, brands face a major challenge to monitor, manage, and protect their valuable domain names.

Managing a large domain name portfolio is an extremely complex, resource-intensive endeavor that is often handled in the background of IT, marketing, and corporate legal departments. This creates a risky environment where, in the tracking expiration dates, ownership, and renewals, the left hand may not know what the right hand is not doing. Your domain names are too important to your business to be an afterthought.


Portfolio Monitoring

Do you know who your registrar is or if your critical domains reflect correct ownership, and that you are renewing the right ones?

Portfolio Management

When introducing new brands, do you know which domain names are available to register and which existing domains you should protect?

Domain Security

Do you know if your domain portfolio is properly protected against missed expirations and security threats like hijacking, DDoS attacks, or theft?


Introducing Corsearch Domain Management

Domain names have become some of the most valuable assets major brands possess. Yet protecting them is often decentralized and under-prioritized, creating a needless risk of serious domain name loss or misuse. Corsearch Domain Management allows your brand owners and legal teams to centralize and strengthen domain name portfolio monitoring and protection, giving you a clear view of all of your assets and their status, simplifying and securing domain name management.