Committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Corsearch is committed to excellence in our research. From our extensive training program to our team-based workflow structure, the professionals at Corsearch maintain the highest standards for quality when it comes to meeting your trademark research needs.


The accuracy, completeness, and currency of our data have led to spectacularly strong customer loyalty to Corsearch services. In ensuring the reliability of our data, a dedicated team reviews, cross-references, and corrects records in the Corsearch database, regardless of the source.

Unlike other trademark research providers, Corsearch does not purge inactive records from our databases to make room, understanding that our clients may need to know about those records over time. Further, we maintain unparalleled common law sources, well beyond the traditional databases provided by other vendors.


Our researchers are the best trained and most knowledgeable in the market. Each Corsearch researcher must complete a rigorous 3-month training program, followed by a 6-month mentoring program. Even fully trained researchers must earn 145 hours of continuing education each year.

But it may be our quality assurance program that makes the biggest difference. Every search report is double-checked to standard by a quality assurance professional specially trained to find potential errors.