Corsearch offers a wide range of easy-to-use global trademark search solutions.

Accuracy and expertise

The quality of our trademark searches is based on two key components — (1) our highly trained expert researchers and (2) access to a comprehensive set of current and relevant global data.

Corsearch provides full searches by country, region, or worldwide through advanced search strategies conducted by highly trained researchers. Each researcher may work through thousands of potential results, and filters the information based on overall relevance. Corsearch account representatives and research staff collaborate closely with you to develop a custom-tailored profile — with the end goal to help you complete your work more accurately and efficiently.

Corsearch's common law research covers an exhaustive and unrivaled list of global data sources to meet your trademark clearance needs across all industries. 

While the Internet has emerged as a valuable common law source, Corsearch searches thousands of online sources, periodicals, databases, directories, books and proprietary compilations that are often not accessible through the Internet. Our common law library continues to grow as industries change, mediums for information evolve and your needs shift.

Our web common law search consists of a thorough search of targeted industry-specific websites that is customized to each individual order. This is automatically included in the U.S. Comprehensive Search, and can now be ordered separately or in combination with other search products.

Industry-specific and web common law resources

In addition to getting printed reports, you can review your searches on the Corsearch platform and have access to these features:

Easy search review online on the Corsearch platform

  • Launch In-Use investigations
  • Review PTO history and documents
  • Launch owner/company investigations
  • Tag and annotate records of interest
  • Generate customized chart of tagged records and investigations report for your clients
  • Create and store opinion templates