Corsearch launches Corsearch FOCUS™ for Screening


    Today, Corsearch FOCUS, the patent-pending revolutionary methodology used for determining the entire landscape of obstacles facing a mark, was expanded into Corsearch Screening. Now, the industry-leading advantages were made available with Corsearch FOCUS on Search Review have been made available to users of Corsearch Screening.

    The interactive visualization methodology applied to Corsearch Screening helps practitioners make decisions by plotting out all of the potential obstacles to the screened mark on GPS-type radars with the screened mark at the center. These radars can be used to both understand the clearance obstacles of greatest concern based on similarity and the relevance and provide a much clearer and unique picture to the practitioner's clients.

    • Depending on the target set, each potential obstacle is scored based on Corsearch's sophisticated algorithms.
    • The higher the score, the closer the obstacle to the searched mark, the more conceptual risk the mark poses to clearance.
    • Users can toggle between two different radars for Similarity and Relevancy analysis:
      • "Similarity" is determined by a phonetic and visual prefix versus suffice bias on the horizontal axis and based on the length of the obstacle as compared to the searched mark for the vertical axis.
      • "Relevancy" is determined by Similarity combined with status of the mark, international class, and overlapping goods & services.
    • Obstacle size represents the number of instances that particular mark appears in the search.
    • Each score can be easily adjusted manually based on the user's analysis of the specific obstacle.
    • Easy filtering — by zone of closeness to the searched mark, by class, by good & services, by jurisdiction, by competitive owner, by whether it includes a disclaimer, and many other key factors — make a review easy and efficient.
    • Review of each obstacle is tracked for efficient analysis.