Guy Coene

Guy Coene

Vice President of Information Technology

Guy Coene is Vice President of Technology and Chief Technology Officer for Corsearch. He joined Corsearch in March 2016 and oversees all aspects of software / product development, IT operations, and technology R&D.

Starting his career in consulting, Guy worked for 15+ years in the IP industry designing and building various research technologies for Thomson Reuters, leading an R&D team focused on building trademark research solutions for Thomson CompuMark. Prior to joining Corsearch, he worked in consulting as chief data scientist in various analytics and big data projects in multiple sectors including finance, insurance, energy, healthcare, legal, and industry.

Guy holds a Master of Science degree in mathematics/computer science from Ghent University and a Master of Science degree of engineering in artificial intelligence from the University of Leuven. He lives in Belgium with his wife and two children.

Ragheno Business Park, Motstraat 30, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium