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Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with every trademark. Only Corsearch gives you a dedicated Customer Success Manager for your trademark solutions.

A partner, not a vendor

We understand that when you need support, you want to talk to an industry expert you trust, who understands your business and will help you to find the perfect solution.

Our unique customer-centric approach caters for broad and specific needs and our global network of partners, account managers and customer success team offer you unparalleled expertise and consultation.

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Why Choose Corsearch?

We guarantee a frictionless onboarding process and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

Custom product bundling and billing

Tailor made packages for your organization, reducing the number of invoices you receive and giving you greater control over budget planning.

Single point of contact

Personalized trademark services, with a single point of contact who will act as liaison to support you to meet the demands of your job.

Unrivalled industry experience

Harness over 70 years of industry experience. Your analysts and customer success team will boast an average 12 years experience with Corsearch.

Talk to an expert

70% of the Forbes top 100 put their trust in Corsearch’s trademark solutions.

Talk to one of our experts to find out more about our dedicated customer support and transition process.

We take trademarks personally — ask our clients

“What I value very much about Corsearch is the excellent partnership. I always have the impression that Corsearch understands our business and that the service is made in accordance with our demands as an industry.”

Kristiane Vandborg, Senior Director Head of Global Trademarks

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“Both legal and non-legal teams were impressed by how easy it was to use and the depth of the searches we could complete internationally. The decision-making process was quick because the benefits were immediately obvious.”

Helen Stanwell-Smith, Head of Brand Protection